Terms and Conditions

We want to take good care of the personal information you provide. Just like our customers.

In Finland, all hotels have a mandatory and also a statutory obligation to collect passenger data from their guests in accordance with the Accommodation and Catering Act. Therefore, the processing of passenger data in the case of Hotel Salpa is also based on the applicable law.

According to the law, passenger data are processed in order to maintain public order and security, to prevent crimes, to detect them and to compile various national statistics.

According to the Accommodation and Catering Act, Hotel Salpa may use passenger data and the passenger register for customer service and direct marketing. By default, the information shall be disclosed only to the authorities for their specific request. The retention period of all Finnish passenger and personal data collected by an accommodation establishment is defined by law. Hotel Salpa will retain the information entered in the register for one (1) year after its entry in accordance with the law. They are then removed unless there is a compelling legal or regulatory reason to keep them longer. Customers ’accommodation and personal information is carefully stored and paper passenger forms are transferred to a secure location.

The information to be collected is listed on the Finnish passenger card:

  • the passenger’s name, Finnish personal identity number or, in the absence thereof, date of birth and citizenship
  • the passenger’s permanent address
  • date of Arrival & Departure (if known on arrival)
  • country of arrival in Finland (if the passenger is not a Finnish citizen)
  • the names and personal identification numbers of the spouse and minor children involved or, in their absence, the dates of birth
  • travel document number (not required for a Nordic citizen or resident in Finland)
  • whether the accommodation is for leisure, work, meeting or any other reason (optional)
  • information about the customer’s choices & own special wishes (special room wishes, accessibility issues, food allergies and the like) (optional information)


If the customer has made his reservation through, for example, booking.com, Hotels.com, expedia.com or a similar global operator, these service providers will provide the personal information provided by him. They have their own terms of service and the customer has thus accepted the the terms and conditions of the portal. Hotel Salpa does not know and is not responsible for how these global ordering portals use the information provided by the customer.


See the marketing data register and privacy statement.


In addition to the information you submit from the forms, our online service stores cookies in your browser in accordance with our cookie policy.


If you wish, you can set up an email marketing block either by a separate request or by a link included with each marketing message .


If you believe that the processing of your data violates the regulations on the processing of personal data, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority.


If you have any questions about the processing of personal data, please feel free to contact us.

Head of unit

+358 10 311 3840

Hotel Salpa may also have separate service-specific terms and conditions, in which case these general terms and conditions apply in the alternative.